Saint-Emilion and Pomerol Grands Crus Classés

60 min

149 € / personne
Take off for the city of Saint-Emilion, its prestigious vineyards including Château Petrus and Château Cheval Blanc. You will also cross the valleys of the Garonne and Dordogne river.
1 magical hour!

Flight Description

You are ready to fly, a last look at the windsock and it is time to go! A grandiose landscape flows to you, the Garonna and its pontoons then it is the first hill of Entre-deux-Mers. One more minute and it is the Castle of Benauge, medieval fortress. The vineyards are linked and already you discover the Dordogne valley. Libourne, and its docks of winemerchants who make the fortune of the castellans. You bypass the Tertre de Fronsac which dominates the whole with its terraced vineyards. Heading East is Pomerol, its steeple and the first prestigious vineyards: Château Petrus, Château Ferrand, Château Plince, Château Clinet, Château Certan, Château la Conseillante, Château l’Evangile …
It is said that there are more than 1000 Châteaux in Saint-Emilion: you will first discover Château Cheval-Blanc, and you will of course see all the others!
The city of Saint-Emilion is there, you will do twice the tour without forgetting that there is also at the same place the Château Ausone , La Gaffelière and Pavie … You will make a detour by the Château St Georges Saint-Emilion which dates from the Gallo-Roman era.
Cape full south, the Dordogne valley is still there, then Rauzan and his castle, Langon. You will follow the Garonne through the Castles of Sainte Croix du Mont and Cadillac. They will be followed by a last left turn, you will land at the Château Venus and you will enjoy the pleasures of the grapes.

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