Initiation to piloting, take the controls!



60 min

109 € / person



Come and discover the sensations of piloting with Château Venus AIR. Thanks to your certified instructor, you will be able to take the controls of your own light aircraft! An original gift idea to offer, essential in Bordeaux.

Flight Description

After a briefing on the flight you are going to perform, you settle into the cockpit! You start the engine. Use the radio and taxi to the runway threshold. Your instructor guides you every step of the way. You’re lined up on the track, pushing the throttle to the max and within seconds you’re flying! You are free as the air. You have the controls, you discover the sensitivity of your machine, a few turns, going up, down. You are heading towards the most beautiful landscapes of the Garonne.

No notion of piloting is necessary to carry out this adventure. This initiation to piloting is possible from the age of 13. We can even give you your pilot’s license from the age of 14!
Many of us do not dare to start (too difficult, too expensive). So don’t hesitate any longer, you have to get started: our instructors will share their love for flying with you!

It’s never too late, we’re waiting for you!

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